Bonsoy class action update: settlement assessments going out

It’s my understanding that many Bonsoy class action assessments are now being posted out with a majority of assessments calculated and many posted out. The assessment process is still continuing for some time. So if you have not received yours, rest assured it is being actioned and there is no need to contact Maurice Blackburn.

The values are not yet final, but it’s one more step to a conclusion.

This is a huge relief and has been a long time coming.

It’s been over 5 years since all this came to light and has been an incredibly long, frustrating road.

Whilst I am sure some people will be disappointed with their settlements, it bears remembering that some people were made incredibly ill from this, or lost jobs, or much worse.

So wherever you are, I hope this brings you some measure of resolution.

As an aside, the job of this website is almost done.

Due to the costs of maintaining it, in the near future, I will archive it on


2 thoughts on “Bonsoy class action update: settlement assessments going out”

  1. Received my assessment today.

    I understand that this is not the final $$ figure. Until all claimants have been assessed.

    Once all have been assessed..
    I wonder how much of the settlement amount applied to my case will be swallowed up in costs.


    1. Hi Jennifer, my understanding is that whilst administration costs will consume some of the settlement, it is not expected to be a large amount.

      I can’t say much more than that at this point.



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