Bonsoy Class Action: action against Spiral Foods settled

I started this website almost 5 long years ago to try and bring attention to the absolute debacle that was the Bonsoy recall of December 2009 and Spiral Foods’ absolute dismissal of the possibility their product was making people gravely sick.

I started this website with the intent that affected victims could find each other, band together, and gain justice through legal action.

It was this site’s mission to hold someone accountable.

Today I’m glad to say that it appears we might be close to getting that justice, with an announcement that the Bonsoy Class Action against Spiral Foods has settled.

The action against Spiral Foods has reached a proposed settlement of A$25 Million, with the court needing to approve the settlement to allow it to be finalised and settlement funds distributed to victims.

There is no admission of liability on behalf of Spiral but I understand that is standard in cases like this.


For those reading who were unaware of the class action, and who were affected: I’m sorry but I don’t know what your avenues are. I suspect you could pursue Spiral Foods directly with the assistance of a law firm. Maurice Blackburn can’t help you personally pursue any action, but they may be able to offer you some general advice on whom to contact. Your best bet is to contact Maurice Blackburn directly. Contact them here.


I’d like to thank all the people who provided me information (especially a particular person in NZ who had already done a lot of research), shared their stories, or just lent words of support.

I think the lead plaintiff deserves a special thanks for being prepared to put herself in that position: her suffering due to the use of Bonsoy is particularly horrible (as is the case for many others), so it took particular courage to go through all that: thanks Erin.

Lastly, thanks to Irina, Roisin and the team at Maurice Blackburn for taking this case on. Other law firms showed zero interest in this, and I think it speaks to Maurice Blackburn’s social justice conscience that they took this case on.

Many people were made gravely ill through the innocent use of a product which proclaimed to be healthy, and was heavily marketed as such.

From miscarriages, surgery, lifelong illness, loss of marriages, loss of careers and general illness, people were affected in all manner of ways. So to all of you who were affected, I hope the financial settlement lowers your burden, and I truly hope you can get as well as you can, as soon as you can.

Best wishes to you all.


Here are the salient links as they come to hand. Nice to see mainstream media report this after it’s all finalised rather than earlier (which might have helped some people find out about this before the class action closed).


8 thoughts on “Bonsoy Class Action: action against Spiral Foods settled”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am in shock. I have just heard about the class action against BonSoy this morning on Radio National news.
    I am in shock that I have never put all of this together for myself. I consumed Bonsoy on a daily basis until it was taken off the market and I too have nearly all of the symptoms listed. I would like to know what I need to do to find out more information about this class action. Please contact me as soon as possible.
    Jennifer Hemmings


  2. Thank you so much Tim for organising this and persisting, I can’t tell you how much it helped me just to be able to share my story in the first place. I feel like justice has finally been done, and many many thanks to Maurice Blackburn for taking on the case. Best wishes to everyone in the future.


  3. Unfortunately Maurice Blackburn cant help anyone as they made a deal with the Bonsoy Partners to a fixed end date to class action registrations that was Nov 2015. And in the class action deal there is a specific paragraph that says no one can bring a personal injury claim against Bonsoy after closing of class action. Basically they made this deal with Maurice Blackburn in order to get their way out of it. So whoever missed out on this class action has no chance of suing bonsoy anymore. I am a victim. I never knew about Bonsoy Class Action. I never new that bonsoy caused my problems until when i found out early 2015 when it was too late. I have contacted more than 8 large lawfirms and all adviced me the same. Including Maurice Blacburn. I have lost a part of my body because of drinking bonsoy but because of an inconsiderable action from Maurice Blackburn to make or agree to avdeal to have an end date to class action or refuse any other victims from taking personal claim i am unable to do anyting to fight for my rights.


    1. Hi, I can personally sympathise with your situation and I think the whole thing was poorly managed to the extent Spiral ought to have been forced to advertise the issue much more widely.

      Having said that I think the medical fraternity also missed this: many endocrinologists and GPs were oblivious so there is an issue there.

      As far as no major law firms taking you on: I can understand that as they need to make money. Could a smaller firm take you on? Since it’s settled there’s clearly a precedent and indication of fault (not officially though). I wasn’t aware there was anything in the settlement precluding someone NOT in the action from taking action down the track: that doesn’t sound right to me.

      I also can understand why MB settled: this would have cost many many millions and years to take to its full conclusion. This way, people in the action get a settlement and get it reasonably quickly.

      This doesn’t help your situation, which I find very disappointing and makes me personally angry on your behalf.

      Have you thought of contacting The Project?



  4. Thanks for your respind Tim. I had an appointment last week with a lawyer at National Compensation Lawyer firm and he kindly took one and half hours to explain the agreement that has a particular section that says no one after closing of the class action has the right to open a case against them. The lawyer is going to send me this agreement which has been sigbed by Maurice Blackburn and other parties. Once I have it i will forward it to you. I am not sure who the project is to contact. Do you have their details? Thanks. Maybe an online blog for all victims that missed out could be a good idea so all the others can join. Maybe then they make some changes to their agreements. Feom whole Australia only +600 victims registered with Maurice Blackburn. To me it looks like many victims have missed out.


    1. Mandana I am not a lawyer but I don’t understand how they can form an agreement when you have no involvement, precluding a third party from suing. You can contact Maurice Blackburn from their special Bonsoy homepage.

      I agree, MANY people will have missed out which is very unjust.

      People who missed out should comment here!



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