Newsflash: Bonsoy never made anyone sick

I sure am glad James L was on hand to email me and let us know all the endocrinologists, GPs and the hundreds of people involved, plus the lawyers, were wrong: Bonsoy doesn’t cause anyone’s illness.

Here’s the evidence:

All I can say is: Nonsense! I have being drinking Bonsoy for years and never had any dramas. As a vegan, I have had 1000s of litres over the years. If people had thyroid issues, then there was something wrong with them to begin with. Don’t blame Bonsoy for your health troubles.

So there you have it. James has been drinking Bonsoy and has never had any dramas. He’s had thousands of litres over the years (as a vegan, no less).

I guess my Bonsoy-related symptoms clearing up after I stopped having it, and post treatment, was all a strange coincidence.

Glad we cleared that up.

Oh wait. We didn’t.

PS: this is sarcasm.


6 thoughts on “Newsflash: Bonsoy never made anyone sick”

  1. Hi Tim

    I periodically check to see what news you have and I just felt compelled to say THANK YOU THANK YOU so so much. You have helped many people including myself and I sincerely wish you all the best Karma in the world as if it was not for this site and you emailing me personally I and many others who live in the country wold not have known about this.

    Thanks again Tim, jolly good show 🙂


  2. How dumb are you? Get all the facts moron!
    They altered the product without notifying the consumer nor label the product of the changes.. What did they do?
    Bonsoy was reformulated with pure kombu (seaweed) being substituted for the kombu powder that was previously used in Bonsoy. The Plaintiff alleges this had the effect of increasing the level of iodine in Bonsoy.

    Now this is serious as people with thyroid issues can’t consume high iodine as its dangerous to the health of the person and seaweed is a big no no for thyroid people.

    Face the facts that they broke the law and put people’s lives at risk for profit and I should know as I’m a sufferer and you have no idea what your talking about. Do some homework before opening your mouth as this info you posted is incorrect and miss informs people….


  3. Hi Tim
    I only came aware of this recently and no matter what negative comments people might post, I sincerely look at this case with all honesty and respect as I have been affected by drinking this Bonsoy Milk, I was hospitilized and nearly passed away after having high dosage of idione in my body, I suffer from Graves disease, My thyroid is overactive, it affected my heart, my muscle, I was extremely ill, I was told my thyroid had to be removed and due to affecting my heart, doctors said I would need a pace maker. My Journey has not been easy, I am on long term heart tablets and thyroid medication. I understand you have helped many people and god bless you . I can never feel the same again.


  4. Somehow even though I lost years of my life, MB say I am to receive nothing. I can’t tell you how low my opinion of money hungry lawyers is. MB have lost all credibility. I’m in the class action getting Nil. How many others are getting Nil to not much? Open the books!


    1. The difficulty MB have is in applying strict laws (Vic in particular) around damages. My understanding is that in a lot of cases (and I am not referring to you) there was not an irrefutable link between condition and cause.


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