Newsflash: Bonsoy never made anyone sick

I sure am glad James L was on hand to email me and let us know all the endocrinologists, GPs and the hundreds of people involved, plus the lawyers, were wrong: Bonsoy doesn’t cause anyone’s illness.

Here’s the evidence:

All I can say is: Nonsense! I have being drinking Bonsoy for years and never had any dramas. As a vegan, I have had 1000s of litres over the years. If people had thyroid issues, then there was something wrong with them to begin with. Don’t blame Bonsoy for your health troubles.

So there you have it. James has been drinking Bonsoy and has never had any dramas. He’s had thousands of litres over the years (as a vegan, no less).

I guess my Bonsoy-related symptoms clearing up after I stopped having it, and post treatment, was all a strange coincidence.

Glad we cleared that up.

Oh wait. We didn’t.

PS: this is sarcasm.