Spiral Foods Court Action: Update!

I know it’s been a LONG time since I had an update – slllllllowly wind the wheels of justice.

Anyway, here’s what I know.
The Bonsoy class action had a directions hearing last Friday in the Supreme Court. As part of the orders made, the case has been referred for mediation, which must happen by end of October this year.

As you may (or may not) know, Spiral Foods brought (joined) the Japanese manufacturer (Marusan-ai) and exporter (Muso) into the court case, claiming that they supplied Spiral with bad product. In the defences that the manufacturer and exporter filed, they say that Spiral contacted them in mid-2006 and asked about iodine levels in Bonsoy because of a query by a concerned consumer.

The manufacturer tested Bonsoy and found that it had pretty much the same iodine levels as were found at the time of the recall – ie very high. They say that those test results were then provided to the exporter and to Spiral Foods.

So it looks like the problem existed for years and at least as far back as 2006 Spiral knew exactly how much iodine Bonsoy contained.

My comment: what this to me at least shows, is that Spiral has a case to answer. They pretty much knew that Bonsoy was high in iodine as far back as 2006. It’s my understanding the original query to the manufacturer was triggered by an ill consumer.

This poses the question: if Spiral asked for an iodine level test, due to a query from an ill consumer, and were informed that the product was high in iodine, wouldn’t this raise some serious concerns in Spiral to try and mitigate any potential issues?

I will have more news as it comes to hand.


10 thoughts on “Spiral Foods Court Action: Update!”

  1. Nice that u made this site! Yer I’m male, 26 years old n I was poisoned by the milk for years!
    It’s caused me massive problems, emotionally, physically for atleast 6 years! It will be interesting to see what happens in late October! These guys are responsible for loss of life! I guess all we can do is wait n see what unfolds…


  2. i heard about this, I had a sneaking suspicion they must have had some prior knowledge. I can’t believe they knew about it for 3 years but did nothing about it. complete negligence. a simple google search shows the safe levels. I started drinking bonsoy around 2006-2007 and if they had done something about it I would have been spared all of this!
    I just hope we get a good result in October.


  3. I was a loyal bonsoy drinker for years and now have a thyroid condition which has me on medication for life – and all the side effects of not have a thryoid nearly dying and now relying on mediation to be alive, and I am just interested in what others have and are experiencing as a result of this debacle.


  4. This whole Iodine thing is a curly one. There are women who daily dose themselves on extremely high levels of Iodine in an attempt to cure certain reproductive diseases and appear to show no ill effects from the extraordinary dosage. Excess amounts are supposed to be excreted from the body. There is also the fact that Australasian people are disturbingly deficient in iodine intake (inadequate soil content plus greatly reduced seafood consumption) and we are all being encouraged to up our daily intake of iodine. Hmmm… will watch the outcome of this case with interest.


    1. Hi Zoe,
      those points are irrelevant to this case.

      If you are familiar with the levels of iodine in Bonsoy, you will note that they are way in excess of FSANZ (and I think WHO) recommendations.

      The Australian iodine deficiency issue is also not germane to this case, though I can understand the confusion when salt is iodised (have a look at iodine levels in salt compared to Bonsoy).

      The adequate iodine debate is completely separate from this case.

      Thanks for the comment,


  5. I drank Bonsoy everyday for years and was diagnosed of having Graves disease or hyperthyroidism… My health hasnt been the same since and is extremely frustrating. I also almost died when falling in the gym with heart condition due to thyroid… it was that incident that lead to me finding out about the condition. Heart drugs and many more… It has been a hell experience. It would be devastating to find out this could have been avoidable! Anyone know how to take this further?


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