September 14 update on the class action

I received a letter from Maurice Blackburn today; apparently everything is moving apace. Many of you who are joined to the action would also have received it.

Slowly move the wheels of justice.

We refer to our previous update letters and write to further update you on the progress of this class action.

Court process status
The defendant, Spiral Foods, is joining the Japanese manufacturer and distributor of Bonsoy into the proceeding, alleging that the Japanese companies were negligent in manufacturing and supplying Bonsoy with excessive iodine content.

This has resulted in a several months delay in the proceeding because of the requirements for serving the court documents on overseas companies. We anticipate that the process of bringing these companies into the proceeding will conclude in the next month or so.

The Court will then allow the Japanese companies to file their defences and is likely to order them to produce documents relating to the manufacture of Bonsoy. We anticipate that once this is done, the parties will engage in mediation in an attempt to settle the proceeding.

If no settlement is reached, we would expect the proceeding to go to trial in the later part of next year.

We will keep you updated on the court process.

Assessing individual claims
Notwithstanding the delay in the Court process, we have commenced assessing individual claims of our clients to ensure that those who may become eligible for compensation, as a result of the class action settling or succeeding at trial are able to obtain that compensation as promptly as possible.