Potential Class Action – your details needed

I’ve been contacted by a lawyer at Maurice Blackburn who is doing some pre-work on a potential class action. At this stage the work is an information gathering exercise only, but it’s good to see someone collating all the information.

Given what you have all been sharing, there is real potential here for people to recover damages, which has been made very difficult in recent times due to government legislation.

I therefore urge everyone who has been affected, to contact the lawyer using the details below. Please do not put your contact details here; contact the lawyer directly.

The lawyer has given me the go-ahead to post her details. She is interested in anyone affected by illness related to Bonsoy consumption. I have posted her assistants details so that if Irina is out of the office, your details will be collected.

Contact Details
Irina Lubomirska
Assistant: Jade Casey
T (03) 9605 2735
F (03) 9258 9610
E jcasey@mauriceblackburn.com.au

I suggest you email Jade, and give her your full story. I think emailing would be best as you give them the chance to go through it, then call you back to clarify anything.

Make sure you quantify any medical costs, time off work costs and importantly, any serious side-effects (like your partner has had to take time off work etc).

To be clear:

  • There is no obligation on anyone contacting Irina.
  • You will not be asked to sign any agreement or anything of that nature at this stage.
  • If a class action proceeds, it will be on a no-win, no-fee basis.
  • If a class action proceeds, you’ll be able to decide whether to sign up or not.
  • At the moment this is an information-gathering exercise only.

Good luck!