Recovering your Costs from Spiral: What You’ll Need

I had an email from Jade the other day, asking what she can do about recovering costs from Spiral Foods.

Firstly, I’ll re-iterate that unless you’ve suffered permanent damage (heart, thyroid, etc) or had something serious happen (like a pregnancy complication), you’ll only really be able to claim time off work, medical (and similar) expenses and loss of earnings.

If you have more permanent or serious damage, or have experienced something quite serious (like a miscarriage) then you must contact Slater and Gordon (or someone of their ilk) immediately. Slater and Gordon have a specific lawyer for this case.

I strongly recommend you collate all the following information:

  1. For medical costs, including medication costs, all tax invoices.
  2. For loss of earnings, proof from your employer (if applicable) of all days off, and the related cost.* For self-employed people, you’ll need to be able to prove the loss of income (perhaps a Statutory Declaration may suffice).
  3. In all cases, you’ll need a letter from an medical practitioner such as your GP or an endocrinologist noting:
    • the condition from which you suffered,
    • the relationship between your condition and the intake of Bonsoy Soy Milk,
    • details of medical treatment,
    • the need for time off work (if applicable),
    • any other relevant matters.

You then must contact Spiral Foods, who have engaged their insurers (who have in turn engaged their lawyers).

These lawyers are now following up with specific cases (I have been contacted – more on this shortly).

* For time off work, you ought to claim sick days incurred due to Bonsoy-related matters, because ordinarily you would not have had to use your sick days as you’d ordinarily not have been sick.